TOKYO KO-ON DENPA (TKD) began manufacturing the "Profader " over 30 years ago.
Due to the high quality and reliability of the TKD range of faders, the Profader is being used by most of the top Professional Audio Companies in the world.
They have even referred to, by our Customers, as being "sexy" , due to the almost sensual, smooth feel.
As well as a full range of manual faders, TKD are producing the largest range of motorized faders available.

1) Shaft

TKD have developed a special 'super-grinding' technology
which produces a very accurate component with a superior
finish on the surface of the shaft of the "Profader".
This technology improves the 'feel' of the Profader.
2) Shaft Carrier

TKD have continually researched materials for the shaft
carrier and have developed a special metal-plastic double
layer shaft carrier which gives great accuracy in production,
improves the 'feel' of the Profader and gives long life in
3) Conductive Plastic (CP ) Technology

TKD are renowned specialist in CP technology, with a continuing Research & Development programme.
The current CP technology has unique qualities in printing and moulding techniques only used on the TKD Profader.
By developing a mirror- finish resistance track, peculiar only to TKD's CP technology, the Audio performance of the Profader is superior to other CP technologies and has been highly praised by the major Pro-Audio manufacturers.
This technology also produces the superior 'feel' and extended life cycle.
4) Slider (Brush)

TKD have developed a high quality multi-fingered brush, using a combination of materials, which gives exceptional reliability in operation, very low electrical noise and a very smooth 'feel'.
The 11 finger brush has been developed in conjunction with the CP technology to produce the soft, smooth feel and a very long life-cycle.
5) Assembly and Production

TKD's philosophy in production is  "Technology cannot be seen, it must be touched, used and felt" The TKD Engineers are aware that the fader becomes an integral part of the console and is one component which the user must be comfortable with.
Therefore their philosophy is built into the fader.

TKD continue to develop new products and improve technology where possible.