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CP600 Series
Conductive plastic resistor element used (Low rotational noise).
16mm square body.
300 degree operating angle.
Highly dustproof.
Maximum number of interlocking circuits: 6
Last update: 2024.03.15. [Specifications] [Note] [Dimensions] [Model-number] [Update list] EU-RoHS

This product is constructed by a ladder circuit. Cannot use it for a rheostat use (Cannot use to change a resistance level).

Electrical specifications
(initial value)
CP600 Series
Products *CP601*-*
Attenuation direction
[Load: high]

CCW (Large attenuation & cut off) - CW (Small attenuation)
(CCW to CW)
300285270255240225210195 1801651501351201059075604530 150
Cut-off50423733302826 2422201816141210864 20
Circuit method Ladder circuit
Total resistance (1-C) 5kohm,   10kohm,   50kohm,   100kohm
Total resistance tolerance ±20%
Attenuation accuracy
[Load: high]
0 - 10dB: ±1.0dB
   - 30dB: ±2.0dB
Matching accuracy
[Load: high]
0 - 10dB: 0.6dB
   - 30dB: 1.0dB
Insertion loss 0.5dB or less
Cut off [15kHz] 85dB Min.
Voltage proof 1 Min. at AC500V
Insulation resistance 50Mohm or more at DC500V
Max rating 0.1W
Maximum input voltage DC30V or less
Sliding noise level 47mV or less (by JIS C 6443)
Rotational life 100,000 Cycles Min. (18cycles/min, Sliding noise level: Less than 100mV)
* [Load: high]    The output side load should be used with high impedance (20 times or more than the total resistance value).

Mechanical specifications CP600 Series
Operating angle 300 degrees ±5 degrees
Rotational torque 0.1 to 1.2Ncm (Different by number of circuit)
Strength Nut-Attached 50Ncm
Attached parts Hexagonal nut (M8)
Stopper strength 50Ncm
Push-pull strength 50N

General specifications CP600 Series
Temperature range -10 to +70 degrees C (Operating), -15 to +75 degrees C (Storage)
Relative humidity 90%RH (No condensation)

Please check before use.
* Solder heat resistance: 350deg C max, 5sec max, 2 times. (Manual soldering only)
* Special order of the shaft length is possible. Please contact us for details.
* It is highly recommended that the fault tolerant system is to be set up in the big situation like the live broadcast.
* Replacing it from other brands tests it enough, and please consider.
* Caution in Ladder circuit use.

   Important points in using audio curve and log curve of TKD faders >>
* If distortion rate is a concern, consider the potentiometer circuit type.

CP601 2CP601 3CP601 4CP601
5CP601 6CP601        


Model number
2 CP601 S - 10K
*1 *2 *3   *4

Number of circuits
Blank : Single circuit
2 to 6  : Number of circuits specified
*2 Product number CP601 : CP600 Series
Mechanical click option
Blank : Without click
S         : With click (15degrees step)

Total resistance

5K     :   5kohm
10K   : 10kohm
50K   : 50kohm
100K : 100kohm

    Model Number Search 

  • CP601-5K      *
    (Single circuit, Without click, Resistance 5kohm)
  • CP601-10K      *
    (Single circuit, Without click, Resistance 10kohm)
  • CP601-50K      *
    (Single circuit, Without click, Resistance 50kohm)
  • CP601-100K      *
    (Single circuit, Without click, Resistance 100kohm)
  • CP601S-5K      *
    (Single circuit, With click, Resistance 5kohm)
  • CP601S-10K      *
    (Single circuit, With click, Resistance 10kohm)
  • CP601S-50K      *
    (Single circuit, With click, Resistance 50kohm)
  • CP601S-100K      *
    (Single circuit, With click, Resistance 100kohm)
  (* is the standard model)
   After selecting each specification, the model number for ordering appears at the top.
   (If blank, there is no target model.)

Custom model number
[ How to specify different output-law in multiple circuits ]
* The number in front of CP601 is the total number of circuits.
* The first output-law specified in the beginning will be the knob side.
* Consecutive cases of the same output-law are combined into one. ( A10K / A10K >>>> 2-A10K )
* Taper-A and Taper-B and Taper-C: Please see Potentiometer CP601 Series.
* If the total resistance is different, specify it separately.

[Please refer to the following]
Example Number of circuits Output law types Circuit position Model number for this specification.
4 circuits
Ladder 10kohm x2
Taper-B 10kohm x2
top (knob side)
4CP601 - 2-10K / 2-B10K
3 circuits
Taper-B 10kohm x1
Taper-A 10kohm x2
top (knob side)
3CP601 - B10K / 2-A10K

3 circuits

Ladder 10kohm x2
Taper-A 10kohm x1
Taper-B 10kohm x1
top (knob side)
3CP601 - 10K / A10K / B10K

5 circuits
Ladder 10kohm x4
Taper-B 10kohm x1
top (knob side)
5CP601 - 4-10K / B10K
4 circuits
Ladder 10kohm x2
Taper-B 5kohm x2
top (knob side)
4CP601 - 2-10K / 2-5K

4 circuits

Ladder 5kohm x2
Taper-A 10kohm x1
Taper-C 10kohm x1
top (knob side)
4CP601 - 2-5K / A10K / C10K


Update list
2024.03.18. Introduction of model number search.
2023.12.19. Addition of maximum input voltage specification.
2023.03.24. Additional 3D data (step format).
2022.11.07. First edition